Ice hockey is a sport between two teams who compete on an ice rink. Each two teams usually has six players. The aim of each team is to send the puck and to score into the opponent's goal line and into a net guarded by a goaltender, or goalie. The puck is a vulcanized rubber disk, it can be passed around the players on the ice and it’s the job of the opposition to try and prevent the other team from scoring. The game is an Olympic sport, and worldwide there are more than a million registered players performing regularly in leagues. The origins of ice hockey have long been debated. Many consider ice hockey’s first rules to have been published by the Montreal Gazette in 1877. However, research reveals that organized ice hockey were first played on skates in England and that the earliest rules were also published in England.

The object of this game is simple, to score more goals than the opposition by getting the puck into the opposition’s goal. Matches are played in three 20 minute periods. The clock is stopped every time play stops. If the game is a tie then the game goes into overtime and an additional quarter is played out until one of the teams score. The first team to score will be the winners. The playing zone is marked with a series of red and blue lines. The red in the center line divides the ice into two halves, while the blue lines separate the ice into three equal ‘zones’: a defending zone, a neutral zone and an attacking zone. Each player will have their own hockey stick along with ice skates, helmet and a series of padding which may include face mask, helmet, padded shorts, shoulder pads, arm guards and gloves. The hockey stick is basically made of wood and graphite and are 150 to 200cm in length with flat horizontal extension known as blade. The blade is positioned at an angle of 135o, making the hockey stick to look like the alphabet ‘L’.

There are only two basic rules in ice hockey, first is the Offside, if an attacking player enters the opposition’s defending zone ahead of the puck, then he or she will be called offside. The game will be halted and a face-off will take place in the neutral zone. The second one is the Icing, it refers to a player striking the puck from his or her own half past the opposing team’s goal line without it deflecting off or coming into contact with another player. The game will also be halted and the puck will be return to where the pass originated without a goal being given. Ice hockey has earned a reputation for being an aggressive sport due to the frequent body checks and other physical contact that occurs on the ice. Tripping opponents and violently forcing 메이저사이트 players to hit the rink’s walls is banned, as is elbowing, charging, high use of the stick, and using the shaft of the stick to check an opponent. With its speed and its frequent physical contact, it’s up to the referee to decide whether an offenses has been committed and whether a penalty needs to be imposed.