A duathlon is a multisport quite like a triathlon, with their significant difference being the absence of the swim leg. It is a three-part long-distance race typically having a running phase, a bicycling phase, and a final running phase. Duathlon has existed as an organized sport since the early 1980s and it continues to grow in popularity but it's probably fair to say that triathlon has received more of the multi-sport limelight.

A duathlon is perfect for the athlete who is uncomfortable with an open water swim or a triathlete who cannot get access to open water during winter. A safe way to start multisport is by trying out a duathlon. Few equipment is needed in this sport, Cycling is part of it so a good bike is important. Any type of bike is fine like Mountain, Hybrid or a Road bike but any bike is fine once it's in good working order and the athlete must comfortable to use it. Also a helmet is compulsory, cycling shoes and a running shoes. If the cycle is longer, a padded pair of shorts can be helpful. It can be cold on the bike so a jacket and gloves may be needed.

Just like triathlon distances, the variety of duathlon distances make it a great race for beginners, advanced athletes, and anyone in between. There are two sets of run legs when racing in a duathlon, the beginning of the race and the finish. The cycling leg comes in the middle of the three legs of the race; it occurs after the first run leg and before the last run leg. It also has the same set of rules that triathletes strictly follow. The common duathlon distances and the shortest format is the Super Sprint which is 2.5k run, 10k bike, 2.5k run.

Duathlons are hard, and there is no avoiding the fact. So to take them on, you need to adjust your training, transition techniques and kit list. Cardiovascular training for athletes is a huge part of staying race-ready. If you are a beginner, you should start doing some form of cardio training now. That’s what triathletes do, and it’s the best way to build the endurance 메이저사이트 you will need to complete the race. The sense of achievement you will feel as you complete each event, plus the way you will have improved in each area of the race, will help you to build the confidence you need to try a duathlon and other multisport.